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The Wellington Engagement Index

The Wellington Engagement Index (WEI) gathers feedback directly from students in a simple, 3-minute process that provides schools with actionable data on student engagement. Students use a web browser to place each of their classes on a grid, measuring the challenge level and love of each class. This simple “dot” helps educators identify student engagement and what primary factors lead to engagement or disengagement. The results are immediately available for analysis, empowering administrators to make data-driven decisions to improve educational outcomes. The WEI identifies students who may be at risk, validates changes over time, and helps manage attrition, among other uses. The Wellington Engagement Index empowers educators and schools to discover greatness.

Identify At-Risk Students

Students who self-report on the WEI as experiencing both low challenge and a feeling of hating their classes are at-risk. The WEI quickly identifies these students, guiding administrators and counselors to students who need attention, and indicating what factors may cause the risk.

Validate Change

Repeated use of the WEI throughout the school year provides data that can indicate true changes over time, validating curriculum and strategy changes. This is made easy since the WEI takes no more than 5 minutes to administer, and results are available instantly.

Manage Attrition

Analysis at the Wellington School indicates that students with low WEI scores are more likely to transfer to other institutions, or drop out. This is indicated by even the first administration of the WEI. Knowing this information early enables early action to prevent attrition.

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